Sacred Collection (Volume 2)
Four C Flutes, Alto, and Bass
Amy Rice-Young
Alry Publications
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flute choir

A Sacred Collection for Flute Choir - Volume 2 - arranged by Amy Rice-Young.
Includes The Prince of Denmark's March (Jeremiah Clarke), Praise to the Lord (Anonymous), Canon (Thomas Tallis) .

This collection is ideal for use in church services and weddings. The Prince of Denmark's March can be adapted to fit the occassion, using the repeats as much or as little as necessary. Piccolo may also be used on Part 1.  All parts (except Alto and Bass) have an optional Descant included with Praise to the Lord. When played with a group that is singing, this will allow the flute descant to be heard above the voices. This may be played 8va. There are seix "verses" included in the Tallis Canon. Once again, this may be adapted to the occassion, using as many or few of the verses as needed. This piece is beautiful when performed with a vocal choir.

Includes a score and the following parts: C Flute 1, C Flute 2, C Flute 3, C Flute 4, Alto Flute and optional Bass Flute (tobe substituted for the Alto Flute).

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