Sacred Medley
4 flutes
Tommy Goff
Alry Publications
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Sacred Medley arranged by Tommy Goff for 4 C Flutes
Includes score and parts; includes optional alto flute and bass flute parts

Sacred Medley is intended to be performed by four C flutes. The addition of alto flute and/or bass flute will enrich the piece harmonically in that it allows some chords to be played in root position rather than in inversion; however, neither instrument is necessary for the successful performance of the piece.

The four hymns included were selected because of their beauty, familiarity, and expected significance to Christian listeners. The first two hymns, In the Garden and He is Lord should be played with relaxed simplicity, emphasixing tonal beauty and expression. The third hymn, Rise Again, presents a bit more difficulty to the performers due to the prevalence of sixteenth notes and extended range. All sixteenth notes should be played in a relaxedm laid-back style. The fourth hymn, Majesty, should be played majestically, of course, with careful attention to dynamics and the ritard at the end.

Due to the performance time of Sacred Medley (over seven minutes), it could easily be performed as two medleys or even as four separate pieces.

Medley includes:
In the Garden
He is Lord
Rise Again

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