Product card Instruments  Sankyo Flutes
Handmade, sterling silver headjoint, body and footjoint, silver plated mechanism, french (open hole), pointed key arms, NEL, drawn tone holes, handcut headjoint, 0.38mm tubing, B footjoint

Sankyo Flutes represent traditional hand-built manufacturing excellence, with each instrument receiving the attention of artisans dedicated to the producing the renowned Sankyo sound. Sankyo artisans have total control over each step in the hand-crafted process. Sankyo flutes hold a secret within their walls; a voice of dignified beauty and an endlessly transparent and rich tone. This is the pride of Sankyo Flutes.

The CF-301 is the intermediate model of the renowned CF401. The body and headjoint are made of sterling silver and the key mechanism is nickel silver with silver plating. The CF-301 has drawn tone holes. Formerly known as the Silver Sonic.

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