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Grenadilla Wood Flute
Handcut Grenadilla wood headjoint, grenadilla wood body and footjoint, sterling silver mechanism with silver tenons and receivers, French (open hole) keys, offset G, pointed key arms, B footjoint

Sankyo proudly presents the finest products of the flutemaker's art. Acclaimed throughout the world for beauty of tone and eveness of technique, each instrument is made from carefully selected materials and is constructed by highly skilled and dedicated craftsmen. Sankyo has pursued the perfect scale by building a precise mechanism through meticulous craftsmen. Custom headjoints are available to meet the demands of flutists everywhere. Sankyo's aged Grenadilla wood flutes are created with the careful application of time and energy resulting in a sound which can be said to be the original sound of the flute.

Sankyo Grenadilla Wood flutes are available by SPECIAL ORDER ONLY.

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