Scottish Flute Collection POP 11/30/16
flute, piano, online audo access accompaniment
Dona Gilliam and Mizzy McCaskill
Mel Bay Publications
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A growing number of folk players have adopted the silver flute as a viable alternative to the wooden simple-system flute. Mel Bay's Scottish Flute Collection is written for the classical flutist who wishes to concretize traditional Scottish music. The collection includes jigs, reels, into sets to provide length and diversity in the performance setting. Simple ceili-style piano arrangements highlight the flute and encourage the practice of ornamenting in a traditional style. Both an ornamented and unornamented version of each tune is included in the flute score along with guitar chords. This flexibility makes the collection useful for many purposes: as concert/recital programming,as a folk music resource book, as works for the study and practice of traditional ornamentation and as etudes for the developing flutist. Flutists wishing to perform traditional Scottish music will find this collection a must for the repertoire.

An accompaniment online audio guides the player through the performance of traditional ornaments in the first set. Players hear the performance of notated ornaments such as the cut, long roll and short roll and learn to apply and aurally interpret the remaining ornamented sets provided in the book. A play-along ceili-style piano accompaniment track is included for all pieces in the book. A great way to enjoy Scottish tunes and learn traditional performance practice at the same time! Includes access to online audio.


Ae Fond Kiss (Rory Dall's Port)      
Beauty, Charming, Fair and Young      
Briogan Shambo      
Came ye o'er frae France      
Captain McDuff      
Clydesdale Lasses      
Cut and Dry      
Cut Fingering Chart      
Dawted Mary      
Gorthleck's Highland Plaid      
Jenny Nettles      
Keel Row      
Lady Mary Hope Vere      
Logan Water      
Miss Erskine of Torry      
Miss W. MacDowall of Arndilly      
Miss Welsh      
Mr. Chas. Graham's Welcome Home      
Mrs. Douglas Moncrieff      
Mrs. Fraser of Lovat      
Nathaniel Gow's Lament for the Death of his Brother      
O as I was Kist Yestreen      
Over the Seas and Far Awa      
Sir Alex Don      
Sir John Lockhart Ross      
The Belted Plaid and Health to Wear it      
The Honorable George Carnegie      
The Merry Making      
The Taylor Fell Thro' the Bed      
There was a Cooper      
There's Three Gude Fellow Ayone yon glen      
Where Wad Bonnie Annie Ly      

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