Solos for the Flute Player (Accompaniment CD)
accompaniment CD
Louis Moyse
G Schirmer
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Solos for the Flute Player
Edited by Louis Moyse
Accompaniment CD only

This is an accompaniment CD to the book for flute and piano.  Not only can it be used either on a CD player or computer, this enhanced CD also includes tempo adjustment software for computer use only.  In the recording of the accompaniment, one tempo was chosen.  However, with the software on this accompaniment CD, the tempos can be adjusted up and down without affecting the pitch.  It is both Mac and Windows compatible.

Adagio (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) 
 Adagio from Symphony No. 24 (Joseph Haydn) 
Air (Francois Couperin)
 Allegretto (Joseph Haydn) 
Allegro (Leonardo Vinci) 
 Allegro (Jean-Baptiste Loeillet) 
 Andante and Allegretto (General John Reid) 
Ent'acte to Carmen (Georges Bizet)
 Gavotte (George Frideric Handel)
 May, Sweet May (Robert Schumann)
 Menuets (Jean-Jacques Naudot) 
 Nocturne (Frederic Chopin)
 Polonaise (Ludwig van Beethoven)
Rondo (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) 
Rosamunde Overture (Franz Schubert) 
Scherzando (Georg Philipp Telemann)
Song Without Words (Felix Mendelssohn)
Trio des Ismaelites (Hector Berlioz) 
Two Arias in Rondeau (Jean-JacquesNaudot)
Two Passepieds (Johann Sebastian Bach) 
Valse-Menuet (Georges Bizet)