Sonata for Piccolo & Piano Op61
piccolo, piano
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Sonata for Piccolo and Piano, Op61 by John La Montaine

John La Montaine's Sonata for Piccolo and Piano, Op. 61, was commissioned by the National Flute Association as the required piece for the First Biennial Piccolo Artist Competition in 1993. The premiere took place later that year at the 21st Annual National Convention of the National Flute Association in Boston. This edition, newly engraved in 2017, corrects many of the errata of the previous edition, in addition to addressing the page layout and formatting needs of the performers.

The first movement of Sonata for Piccolo & Piano by John La Montaine is in turn forceful and reflective. It is in changing meters, primarily 7/8. The form is the classical sonata form, with exposition, first and second themes, development, recapitulation and coda, all condensed within less than five minutes. The second movement is a brief glimpse into deep personal sadness. The final movement begins with an introduction for piccolo alone, uncertain and searching, followed by a merry romp: a set of variations. It is a twelve-tonality piece, taking its theme through the twelve keys of the cycle of fifths, and returning triumphantly to where it started.

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