Soul - Songs of the Celtic Heart
3 flutes
Alry Publications
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Soul - Songs of the Celtic Heart composed by Ruud
Written for 3 Flutes
Includes score and parts

Much of Celtic music is so old that there is no way of knowing who the original composer is.  Two of the songs in this collection (Planxty Irwin and Planxty Fanny Power) were written by Turlough O' Carolan.  O'Carolan is considered to be the National Composer of Ireland, and lived from 1670 to 1738.  These two tunes were written to honor his patrons, and incorporate the names in the title.  Another one of the songs in this collection is called Boulavogue, and is known by other names.  One of those names is Youghal Harbor, and is the most serene of the four pieces.  The first tune is Humous of Whiskey, which has an unkown origin.  Like the Planxty Irwin and Planxty Fanny Power, this should be played with verve and enthusiasm.  First part will be carrying much of the melody line, while the other two parts will provide duet or counter melody lines.  This arrangement can all be done as a flute, recorder and violin trio.

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