Sound the Bright Flutes(ed.Block)(3C,A)(sc&pts)
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A Renaissance Anthology for Flute or Recorder Ensemble
Edited by R.P. Block and Peter Nothnagle
ensemble of renaissance flutes S.A.T.B. or modern flutes (piccolo/flute in C 8va, 2 flutes in C and alto flute in G) or recorders S.A.T.B.

1. Michael Pesenti (1475-1521) Dal Lecto Me Levava. "Frottole Libro Primo" Venice, Ottaviano Pettrucci, 1504.
2. Jacob Obrecht (1450-1505) T'sat een Meskin. "Harmonice Musices Odhecaton A" Venice, Ottaviano Pettrucci, 1501
3. Anonymous Ane Exempill of Tripia. "The Art of Music collect out of all ancient doctouris of Music" British Museum MS Add.4911
4. Benedictus Appenzeller (16th cent.) Basse Danche. Cambrai, Biblioteque Municipale MS 124.
5. Benedictus Appenzeller (16th cent.) Aultre Basse Danche. Cambrai, Biblioteque Municipale MS 124
6. John Dowland (1523-1626) Fine Knacks for Ladies. "Second Book of Songs or Ayres: London, 1600
7. Melchior Franck (1573-1639) Pavana. Neuer Pavanen, Galliarden, und Intraden (Coburg, 1603).
8. Guillaume Costeley (1531-1606) L'an et le Moys. LeRoy et Ballard, Musique de Guillaume Costely (Paris, 1570).