Stained Glass Images 1.The Dawning of the Last Day
2 piccolos, 4 flutes, alto flute (or 5th flute), bass flute
Alry Publications
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I. The Dawning of the Last Day from Stained Glass Images
Composed by Sonny Burnette (b. 1952)
for Flute Choir
Published by Alry Publications
Includes score and parts

2 Piccolos
4 C Flutes
Alto Flute (or C Flute substitute)
Bass Flute

Winner of the James Madison University Flute Choir 1995 Fifteenth Annual Composition Competition

The movements of Stained Glass Images are based on stained-glass panels created during the sixteenth through the twentieth centuries, primarily throughout Europe. 

I. The Dawning of the Last Day
 The Drawing of the Last Day, 1871, by Frederick Ashwin, is the only recorded work by this stained-glass artist in Britain. He emigrated to Sydney and founded one of Australia's first stained-glass studios. The pointed-arch window is bordered in rich greens, amber, red and violet with an ornamental grapevine. At the base of the panel is a garden valley over which rises a magnificent sunburst in reds and yellows. Clouds in turquoise and other light pastels intertwine with the sunburst spires.
The spirit of the foreboding subject is captured in the minor tonaility and ethereal melodic lines. Sunburst spires are depicted with short scale passages in the upper flutes and piccolos at the end of the movement.  

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