Stained Glass Images 4. Two Oriental Panels
2 piccolos, 4 flutes, alto flute (or 5th flute), bass flute
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flute choir: two piccolos, four flutes, alto flute (or 5th flute), bass flute score and parts Sonny Burnette (b.1952)

Sonny Burnette (b. 1952)

Winner of the James Madison University Flute Choir 1995 Fifteenth Annual Composition Competition

The movements of Stained Glass Images are based on stained-glass panels created during the sixteenth through the twentieth centuries, primarily throughout Europe.

IV. Two Oriental Panels

In 1888, William Stewart, inspired by the beauty of Japan, designed two panels for the Colearne House in Auchterarder, Scotland, In the Art Nouveau style, they are characterized by swirling asymmetrical naturalism; clean, sinuous lines, and an exaggerated floral theme. Also depicted are dragonflies and a soft moonlit ocean. Fundamental colors are deep blues and ambers, white, turquoise, maroon, and various shades of red and orange for flower blossoms. The movement is comprised of four layered melodic lines, derived from the pentatonic scale, which form the foundation for the subsequent melody presented by the piccolos. Adding rhythmic interest to the movement is the combination of 4/4 and 3/8 meters. The piece concludes with the opening ostinato figure repeated in octaves in all parts.