Stained Glass Images 6.Treasures of the Mediterranean
2 piccolos, 4 flutes, alto flute (or 5th flute), bass flute
Alry Publications
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VI. Treasures of the Mediterranean
Composed by Sonny Burnette (b. 1952)
for Flute Choir
Published by Alry Publications
Includes score and parts

2 Piccolos
4 C Flutes
Alto Flute (or C Flute substitute)
Bass Flute

Winner of the James Madison University Flute Choir 1995 Fifteenth Annual Composition Competition

The movements of Stained Glass Images are based on stained-glass panels created during the sixteenth through the twentieth centuries, primarily throughout Europe.

VI. Treasures of the Mediterranean

This captivating modern stained-glass screen by Narcissus Quagliata consists of two panels. On the left is an abstract male torso in radiant blue and amber-green. From various points on the torso, aquatic creatures, such as a fish and eels emerge. The fish, representing Christianity, rises from the corrupt Classical world. The right panel, in swirling light blues and green, represents the sea. Above the sea appears to be a distant image of the planet earth.

The movement opens with rising and falling whole-tone scales which portray the aquatic element of the panels. The struggle between good and evil is suggested in the martial theme and driving rhythms. As the movement closes, harmonies become less strident, providing a foundation for the lyrical flute and piccolo solos. Focusing on the peaceful aquatic imagery of the second panel, the movement gracefully fades away.

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