Suite Butterfly
4 flutes
Phyllis Avidan Louke
Alry Publications
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Suite Butterfly arranged by Phyllis Avidan Louke
For 4 C Flutes with optional Alto Flute part; Bass Flute and Contrabass optional for Part 4; optional Piccolo can be added to Part 1 for larger ensembles
Published by Alry Publications
Includes score and parts
Duration: 7:00

Suite Butterfly was written for and dedicated to the composer’s children, Marissa and Jeremy, and was inspired by Jeremy’s first grade science study of the butterfly’s life cycle.  Each movement is represents a different stage in the life of a butterfly.

Movement one (Caterpillar) begins with a sunrise on a spring morning with the caterpillar’s efforts to hatch from its egg.  It struggles, then rests, struggles, then rests.  The bass flute finally heralds the success of the caterpillar’s escape with a joyful theme expressing the caterpillar’s first venturing into the outside world.  The caterpillar’s joy intensifies with a lighter theme as it finds delight in its explorations, finally slowing as the time nears for the caterpillar to enter its next stage of development. 

Movement two (Chrysalis) begins with an ominous feel as the caterpillar begins to spin its cocoon.  The mood is very dark, as it is inside a cocoon, and is reminiscent of a dreary, windy day.  Throughout most of the movement there is a constant chromatic triplet pattern as the caterpillar spins its cocoon.  The spinning slows and finally stops, as the chrysalis is complete. 

Movement three (Butterfly) is in 6/8 time and begins with the attempts of the butterfly to flutter its wings and break free of the chrysalis.  The butterfly grows stronger with each attempt as it flutters its wings longer and harder.  Success is finally achieved as the butterfly takes flight and soars with a theme reminiscent of Renaissance music.