Technique of the Flute: Chord Studies/Rhythm Studies
Berklee Press
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The Technique of the Flute: Chord Studies / Rhythm Studies
Flute: Jazz
Composed by Joseph Viola
Published by Berklee Press

      Learn to play jazz harmonies and rhythms on the flute. This book combines Joe Viola's two classic texts of the Technique of the Flute series: Chord Studies and Rhythm Studies. You will learn melody, harmony, rhythm, and improvisation techniques. 
      In Chord Studies, you will practice jazz harmonies and scales. In Rhythm Studies, you will practice rhythms in simple and compound meters, with a variety of articulations, dynamics, and phrase structures. 
      Originally published in 1974 and 1975, these essential texts have been studied by generations of flutists, and they reflect a core part of every Berklee woodwind student's education. 
      You will learn to: 
* Play jazz chords, scales, and modes, in all twelve keys, throughout the entire range of the flute
* Understand the relationship between scales, tensions, and chords - particularly major, minor, dominant 7, minor 7, minor 7b5, and diminished
* Practice playing chord scales within progressions
* Use jazz articulations and phrasing
* Develop your sight-reading ability
* Perform in many different meters, both constant and changing

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