Telemann Fantasias and Phantoms (score form)
2 flutes
Theodore Presser Company
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Telemann Fantasias and Phantoms by Telemann and Schocker
For two flutes
Published by Theodore Presser Company
Score only

Dynamics in the Phantoms are designed to mirror Telemann's own. The Phantom player should remember to try to remain spectral. Metronome markings have similarly not been included because the metronome is a more recent invention. Articulations have been added as a guideline for modern flute performance. These slurs facilitate playing and underline Telemann's harmonic structure and counterpoint. Common to baroque practice are the trill and upper-mordent which both begin on the upper neighboring note, and that rule apples here. The "spike" articulation marks are meat to indicate accents, and are not necessarily indicative of staccato. Try to avoid using ornaments to fill in space, and use them rather to create surprise. The Phantoms should help provide a harmonic and rhythmic underpinning to the authentic Fantasias; specifically the fugues will be easier to hear with the Phantom attached, and afterward easier to play in solo format.

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