The Art of Playing the German Flute
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John Gunn(1765-1824) The Art of Playing the German-Flute is unquestionably the most comprehensive, most scholarly flute tutor to appear in England in the eighteenth century. Earlier English tutors were largely translated, pirated copies of French tutors, with two notable exceptions: tutors by Lewis Granom(Plain and Easy Instructions for Playing on the German-Flute, 1766) and Luke Heron(A Treatise on the German Flute, 1771) contain new ideas and original material. According to John Gunn, the late eighteenth century was a time of differing schools of thought regarding the inherent expressive capacity of the transverse flute, the proper manner of playing it, and its rank among fine instruments. Gunn clearly expresses what those differences actually were, making The Art, for the modem reader, a valuable tutor for the translation from the eighteenth century to the nineteenth century. The tutor reflects important changes which were taking place regarding flute construction, tonal concept, musical expression, articulation, and music literature.