Art of the Native American Flute
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The Art of the Native American Flute
By R. Carlos Nakai and James Demars

This nicely designed and illustrated book deals with the playing and care of one of the most evocative and expressive instruments in the world- the Native American flute. This volume will delight the novice or advanced player alike with both fundamental instruction and a significant number of transcriptions from R. Carlos Nakai's various recordings. This unique book includes a fingering chart, information in performance technique, style, rhythm conventions, ornaments, and history - plus an analysis of Mr. Nakai's role in contemporary Native American culture. All exercises, solos, and duets (with Boehm flute and E flat alto sax) are written in standard notation. A comprehensive discography and probing essay on "The Question of Authenticity" close this outstanding book.


11/11/82 Song       R. Carlos Nakai
11/20/82 Song       R. Carlos Nakai
11/3/82 Song       R. Carlos Nakai
12/13/82 Song       R. Carlos Nakai
12/13/82 Song       R. Carlos Nakai
12/20/82 Song       R. Carlos Nakai
Coventry Carol       Arr. By R. Carlos Nakai
Crow Wing       James Demars
Death Song-Lament       R. Carlos Nakai
December Snow       R. Carlos Nakai
Omaha Song       Arr. By R. Carlos Nakai
Rainy Nights In Taos       Arr. By R. Carlos Nakai
The Colors Fall       James Demars
Whippoorwill       R. Carlos Nakai
Whirlwinds Dancing       R. Carlos Nakai
Wioste Olowan Inkpa Taya      
Wioste Olowan Tokiya      
Zuni Song       Arr. By R. Carlos Nakai 

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