Early Flute, The (softbound)
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The Early Flute
by John Solum
with a chapter on the Renaissance flute by Anne Smith
Published by Oxford
Softcover book, 164 pages

With the growing interest in recent years in the use of period instruments for recording live professional performances, and amateur music-making, the old-style transverse flutes are experiencing a remarkable comeback. The Early Flute is the first book in modern times to deal with the flutes used in Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical eras. The book details the history fo the transverse flute from 1500 until the early nineteenth centruy. Advice is given on acquiring instruments and their care and maintenance. Additional chapters guide the reader to sources about relevant technique and style, recommend repertoire, and give general advice to the modern player. The text is enhanced by numerous photographs of important historic flutes.

This book is conceived primarily as a guide for modern flautists who are interested in entering the realm of early-music performance on period instruments, or for those who have already acquired a taste for early flutes and who wish to further their enquiry with some guidance. It is also written for players of other early-music instruments and directors of early-music ensembles who wish to find out more about the early flute.