Flute Book (soft-bound)
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The Flute Book, 3rd edition
by Nancy Toff
Published by Oxford
Softcover book; 538 pages
Teachers and flutists at all levels have praised Nancy Toff'sThe Flute Book, a unique one-stop guide to the flute and its music. Organized into four main parts-The Instrument, Performance, The Music, and Repertoire Catalog-the book begins with a description of the instrument and its making, offers information on choosing and caring for a flute, sketches a history of the flute, and discusses differences between members of the flute family. In the Performance section, readers learn about breathing, tone, vibrato, articulation, technique, style, performing, and recording. In the extensive analysis of flute literature that follows, Toff places individual pieces in historical context. The book ends with a comprehensive catalog of solo and chamber repertoire, and includes appendices with fingering charts as well as lists of current flute manufacturers, repair shops, sources for flute music and books, and flute clubs and related organizations worldwide. In this Third Edition, Toff has updated the book to reflect technology's advancements-like new digital recording technology and recordings' more prevalent online availability-over the last decade. She has also accounted for new scholarship on baroque literature; recent developments such as the contrabass flute, quarter-tone flute, and various manufacturing refinements and experiments; consumers' purchase prices for flutes; and a thoroughly updated repertoire catalog and appendices.


  • This third edition has been updated to reflect new scholarship on baroque literature, advancements in technology, manufacturing refinements, and recent developments such as the contrabass flute and quarter-tone flute
  • Features an extensive repertoire catalog of both solo and chamber works, thoroughly updated to include new repertoire and new editions
  • Includes detailed information on all aspects of performance as well as a history of the flute and its literature

New to this Edition:

  • Updated to reflect technology's advancements
  • Updated repertoire catalog
  • Accounts for new scholarship on baroque flutes
  • Addresses recent developments like those of the contrabass flute, quarter-tone flute
  • Updated manufacturing refinements, experiments, purchase prices for flutes