Nightingale and the Rose
flute, electronics
Little Piper
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The Nightingale and the Rose
Composer: Ervin Monroe
Publisher: Little Piper
Instrumentation: Flute and Electronics (flute, CD) with optional narration

Based on the work by Oscar Wilde

1. The student laments in the garden
2. The nightingale visits the three roses
  - the white rose
  - the yellow rose
  - the red rose
3. The nightingale sings to the student and the oak tree- "Be Happy!"
4. The nighingale and the thorn
5. The student presents the rose

      The idea for writing a flute piece based on the Oscar Wilde work, The Nightingale and the Rose, was given me by Betty Hanks Monroe some two years prior to my actually composing the work. In 1980 I was invited by the Oberlin Conservatory of Music to perform in a special fall concert honoring their professor of flute, Robert Willoughby, who was my teacher when I attended Oberlin. It seemed an ideal opportunity to premiere such a work. Once begun, the piece rapidly shaped itself into five movements, the second being in three parts. 
      The solo flute part is synchronized loosely to the background tape of pre-recorded flutes, sometimes four, sometimes six. At times the solo flute improvises on the thematic material or chooses specific material at random, but for the most part the composition is notated in a precise manner. The red rose is represented throughout the composition by the use of harmonics, and the performer should attempt to synchronize the harmonic sections in the fourth movement with those on the tape. - Ervin Monroe

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