The Untamed Grasses (Flute, Whistles, with Guitar, Mandolin, Harp, Pipes, Fiddle,keyboard, etc)
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Traditional Irish Bauhan Anderson,T Traditional Scottish Traditional Swesish Guichen McQuillen

Traditional Irish - The Curlew-Bird In the Tree
Andy McCann's - The Curlew (Whistle,Guitar, Bouzouki, Bass)
Bauhan - The Untamed Grasses (Flute, Fiddle, Bouzouki, Keyboard)
Anderson,T - Pottinger's Reel (Flute, Whistle, Fiddle,Guitar,Keyboard)
Traditional Scottish - Miss Barker's Reel-Miss Taylor's Reel (Flute, Whistle, Fiddle, Guitar, Keyboard)
Bouhan - She Left A Star (Whistles,Guitar,Keyboard, Bass)
Traditional Scottish - Renn's March-Leaving Port Askaig (Whistle, Highland Pipes, Guitar)
Traditional Irish - Tom Morrison's-Fedora-Roarin' Lauren (Whistle,Guitar, Bouzouki, Tenor Banjo, Bodhran)
McQuillen - Leaf's Waltz (Flute, Fiddle, Harp, Keyboard)
Traditional Swedish - Horgalaten (Flute, Fiddle, Mandolin)
Bauhan - Acharonich (Whistle, Bouzouki, Keyboard, Bass)
Traditional Irish - The Racoon Cap-The Returned Yank-Aly's Fiddle (Whistles, Flute, Mandolin, Fiddle, Keyboard)
Guichen - Legere Existence (Flute ,Guitar, Bass, Congas)