Theory for Young Musicians (book 2) (with CD) (also Mazer)
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Theory for Young Musicians, Book Two
by Nathaneil Gunod and Susan Mazer
Published by Alfred Music Pub.
Includes CD
Ages 8-12

Theory Lessons - Ear Training - Worksheets

      By now, you have either completed the Notespeller and Book One of Theory for Young Musicians, or you know beginning theory pretty well. If you know about whole steps and half steps, the major scale, key signatures and eighth notes and eighth rests, you are ready to begin Book 2. 
      This book works just like Book 1 did. There are lessons, worksheets and ear-training exercises with examples on the CD. You will learn about the circle of 5ths, the order of sharps and flats in key signatures, triads, dotted rhythms, 6/8 time, dynamics and more. 
      The more you know about music, the more fun you will have playing your instrument. We hope you will be playing and learning about music for many years. Keep your ears wide open and listen to as many different kinds of music as you can. Most importantly, keep having fun!

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