Thirty-eight Duet Studies (score)
2 flutes
Simon Hunt
Pan Educational
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38 Duet Studies for 2 Flutes
Chosen and Edited by Simon Hunt
Published by Pan Educational
Score only

38 short duets including composers such as Devienne, Tulou, Furstenau, and Kohler.

1. C Major by A. Furstenau
2. Allegretto by Tulou
3. a minor (Original in f sharp minor) by Tulou
4. G Major for High F Sharp and G by Haydn/Tulou
5. March by E. Kohler
6. e minor by Furstenau
7. Syncopation by Galli
8. D Major - Etude sans fin by Tulou
9. Double Tonguing (short version) by Tulou
10. B Major by Furstenau
11. A Major by A. Furstenau
12. Melody by Nicholson
13. Italian Dance for Syncopation by Galli
14. f sharp minor - Duet Study by Kohler
15. F Major - Berceuse from Dolly Suite by Faure
16. c sharp minor (for intonation of C Sharps) by Devienne
17. B Major by Robert Stewart
18. F Sharp Major (Transposed from G Major) by Tulou
19. e flat minor by Devienne
20. g sharp minor - March by Berbiguier
21. Db Major by Furstenau
22. Allegretto by Devienne
23. b flat minor by Furstenau
24. Ab Major by Furstenau
25. Swiss Song by Tulou
26. f minor - Study on Gazza Ladra by Rossini-Gariboldi
27. Eb Major by Furstenau
28. Allegro Vivo by Furstenau
29. c minor by Berbiguier
30. Bb Major by Furstenau
31. Tyrolean by Kohler
32. g minor by Furstenau
33. Cossack Dance by Dressler
34. d minor by Furstenau
35. Presto by Furstenau
36. F Major by Kohler
37. Andante by Adolphe Adam-Kohler
38. Tonguing Study by Hunt

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