Three Country Pictures
Alry Publications
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Woodwind Quintet

3 Country Pictures
Composed by Austin Alan Scott
For Woodwind Quintet
Published by Alry Publications
Duration: 12'30"

1. In Dogwood Cove
2. An Old Meeting House
3. Corn Shuckin' Time

Performance Notes:
      This suite was inspired by the composer’s two-year stay in the region of the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee some fifty years ago. The first movement depicts the secluded pastoral character of an isolated mountain "cove" or valley, a home to a thriving but self-sufficient community of pioneer descendants who retained the old ways, now completely dispersed. Cades Cove in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is now a living museum of a way of life now long past. 
      The second movement is a portrayal of a service at the Missionary Baptist Church in the cove, quoting suggestions of revival hymns loved by the mountain people. These meetings were intermittent but lively.
      The third movement, while quoting no actual folk material directly, is written in the style of popular country dance music of the region.

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