Three Water Music Suites
3 flutes (score and parts)
Eileen Clews
Broadbent & Dunn
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Three Water Music Suites composed by George Frideric Handel (1685-1759)
Arranged by Eileen Clews for 3 Flutes
Includes score and parts

Originally premiered on July 17th, 1717, for a concert on the River Thames, it was scored for a large ensemble.  This ensemble played on a barge for the enjoyment of King George I and his guests, and played all three suites three times per the King's request. 

These ten short movements of the ever popular 'Water Music' have been attractively arranged into three suites for three flutes to give interest to each player. The suites are in F, D and G and the various movements, which include bourees, menuets, hornpipes and airs, give a variety of tempo and rhythm to make these suites excellent teaching material and delightful concert pieces. They are ideal for three solo flutes or for a flute choir. Each movement can stand alone and can be used to practise and encourage ensemble playing. For schools, teaching studios and professionals.


Suite in F
I. Menuet
II. Air
III. Hornpipe 

Suite in D
I. Hornpipe
II. Lentement
III. Menuet
IV. Bouree

Suite in G
I. Minuet 1
II. Minuet 2
III. Tempo Ordinaire

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