Tico Tico
interchangeable 5 part woodwind ensemble with percussion
David Marlatt
Eighth Note Publications
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Tico Tico for interchangeable woodwind ensemble and percussion by Zequinha de Abreu; Includes score and parts: Part 1: flute, or oboe, or clarinet Part 2: flute, or oboe, or clarinet Part 3: clarinet or alto sax Part 4: clarinet, or alto sax, or tenor sax, or horn in F Part 5: bass clarinet, or bassoon, or baritone sax Percussion; bells, xylophone ,triangle, cow bell, claves, tambourine, maracas, suspended cymbal, bongos

Tico Tico by Zequinha de Abreu (1880-1935)
Arranged for interchangeable woodwind ensemble by David Marlatt
Includes score and parts


This classic Latin piece has become a favorite with audiences all over the world.  The great groove of the tune will quickly catch the audience and transport them to a warmer climate.  This interchangeable ensemble can be performed as:  part 1 flute, oboe, clarinet; part 2 flute, oboe, clarinet; part 3 clarinet, alto saxophone; part 4 clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, horn in F; part 5 bass clarinet, bassoon, baritone saxophone; percussion of bells, xylophone, triangle, cow bel, claves, tambourine, maracas, suspended cymbal and bongos.

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