Two Breathtaking Flute Duets (score form)
2 flutes
Gergely Ittzes
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Two Breathtaking Flute Duets by Gergely Ittzes
Duets for one Flute

"What You are Fed Up With" - Duo for One Flute - This piece which is a variation on the trivial little song "Carnival of Venice" is to be performed by two players on one C-foot flute. (This technique was invented by Istvan Matuz.) The first player plays the flute in the usual way, except that he cannot press the D# key with his right little finger (the best is to rest it on the end of the axis) and he must produce the D and Eb notes with the aid of the trill keys: in case of the D he plays an open C# and presses down the first trill key, for Eb he adds the 2nd trill key, as well. Some intonational adjustment may be required, too. Player 1 must be careful all the time not to impede the 2nd player. At the * sign he must lift his fingers from the instrument immediately so that the C can be played in the 2nd voice. The other performer, whose part sounds an octave higher than notated, must play the instrument from the backside, producing sound in a similar way to the Bulgarian kaval.

"Desgusting Slurping" - This piece was inspired by an ironic note by Lorant Kovacs concerning circular breathing.