Two Mediterranean Dances
flute, oboe, clarinet, horn in F, bassoon (score and parts)
Dinsic Publicacions Musicals
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Woodwind Quintet

Dos danzas mediterráneas para quinteto de viento
2 Mediterranean Dances for Wind Quintet
Composed by Laura Llorca
Published by Dinsic Publicacions Musicals
Includes score and parts

Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn in F, and Bassoon

      Two Mediterranean Dances for wind quintet is written in a stylistic language which corresponds to the beginning of the twentieth century. It is an intelligible style with a clear dance character to it, and it is inspired especially by the Rite of Spring of Stravinsky. However, the sonorities and rhythms are Mediterranean, also with a clear connection to De Falla.
      Each one of the five instruments has its own clearly defined character through-out the piece, and each speaks with its own particular rhythm and melody, which no other instrument can take. In this way, melody is linked to instrumental timbre and the sonorous possiblilites of each instrument. The first dance, probably the piece of the two that is in a clear "Spanish" style, gives the feelling of a gypsy lament with its calm, somewhat melancholy, but obsessive rhythm. The second dance, a frenetically rapid and energetic piece, with a clear rhythmic feel throughout the meter changes, is written in a Stravinskian style, but without losing its spanish character. 

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