Certified Used Piccolos

We offer a broad selection of fine used flutes for every level of play and every price range. We select the finest well cared for instruments for our collection. We choose only quality-made reliable models and each is meticulously inspected and thoroughly serviced prior to receiving Flute World Certification and being offered for sale. Certified means you know that the instrument is in spectacular mechanical condition and is treated the same as our new flutes under our Service Programs. These instruments come to us in a variety of ways, such as trade-in, or direct purchase. If you have a used instrument you are considering selling, please contact us today!

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Used Jupiter DiMedici 905ES
Select Grenadilla Wood Body and Headjoint, silver-plated keys, split E mechanism, conical bore, stainless steel springs, A=442. Made in 2010.
Retail Price : $1,350.00Add to Cart
Used Roy Seaman LTD Piccolo with 2 Headjoints
Grenadilla wood head and body, conical bore, Seaman scale, silver keys, split E mechanism, A=442; includes both the traditional and wave style headjoints.
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Used Yamaha YPC-81 Piccolo
Professional model, handcrafted Grenadilla wood headjoint and body, silver plated keys, conical bore, split E mechanism, undercut toneholes, A=442.
Retail Price : $2,395.00Add to Cart
Displaying products : 3 from 3 (from 1 to 3), 1...

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