Yamaha #1557
Used Yamaha YFL-881H
Handcut sterling silver "CG" headjoint, sterling silver body, footjoint, and mechanism, French (open hole) key work, inline G, pointed key arms, soldered tone holes, white gold springs, B footjoint, A=442.

Service: Recent COA completed, Certified Used Flute
Financing: 90 days same as cash, or up to 60 months financing.
Service Programs: 90 day service program included; Extended Service Program available.

The cut of a Yamaha headjoint affects the attack, response & timbre.  The taper affects tonal depth & resistance. Yamaha's CG style headjoint is characterized by the following: The C cut is large and undercut for smooth breath flow. Its ideal breath speed results in outstanding presence and solid lows. The G taper is a German-style taper, characterized by a rich overall tone with solid midrange and relatively high resistance.

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