When the Boat Comes In(Var.Flutes,Whistles,Pan Pipes,Recorder)
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Nyman; Bach-Gounod; Gunning; Glennie-Smith; Tallis; Smith,A; Debussy; Khachaturian; Mahler; Findon,M; Page-Plant

Trad - When The Boat Comes In (Penny Whistle,Piccolo,Flute,Contrabass Flute,Sop Sax,Gtuitar)

Trad -Grainger (arr.Findon) Molly On The Shore (Penny Whistle,Fl,Var.Sax)

Nyman - (arr.Findon) Prospero's Curse from the film "Prospero's Books" (Picc,Flute,Alto Flute,Bass Flute,Bamboo Flute,Membrane Flute,Pan-Pipes,Bass Clarinet,Bari Sax)

Bach-Gounod - (arr.Findon-Haram) Ave Maria (Pan-pipes,Flute,Alto Flute,Bass Flute,Contrabass Flute,Bass Clarinet)

Gunning - The Belgian Detective - theme from "Poirot" (Soprano,Alto,Tenor,Baritone Sax)

Glennie-Smith - (arr.Findon-Haram) We Were Soldiers (Membrane Flute,Bamboo Flute,,Alto Flute,Bass Flute,Contrabass Flute)

Tallis - (arr.Findon) Spem In Alium (Motet in 40 parts) (Flute,Alto Flute,Bass Flute,Contrabass Flute)

Smith,A - (arr.Findon-Haram) Dueling Bamboos (Bamboo Flute,Membrane Flute,Contrabass Flute,Tambourine)

Khachaturian - (arr.Findon-Haram) Sabre Dance (Flute,Piccolo,Soprano Sax,Alto Sax,Tenor Sax,Bari Sax)

Mahler - (arr.Findon-Haram) Adagietto from Symphony #5 theme from "Death In Venice" (Flute,Alto Flute,Bass Flute,Contrabass Flute)

Findon,M - Black Lights (4 Hornn,4 Tubas,2 Piccolos,2 Sop Sax)

Debussy - Syrinx (Flute)

Page-Plant - (arr.Findon,M) Stairway To Heaven (Piccolo,Flute,Pan-Pipes,Ocarina,Recorder,Clarinet, Sop Sax,Alto Sax,Ten Sax,Bari Sax,Tambourine)