Wind Shir-Jewish Flute Duets (score)
2 flutes
Howard Vance
Tootpick Publishing
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Wind Shir!
Jewish Flute Duets
Arranged by Howard Vance
Published by Tootpick Publishing
Score only

Spiral-bound with printed guitar chords

Shir (n.): Song, melody, tune, air, lyric, ditty, strain, chang, round, shanty, descant. These 29 selections includes pieces for weddings with chord symbols.

Chanuka Chag Ya-fe - Hannukah, Beautiful Festival
Chatskele, Chatskele - Hey There Chatskle
Dodi Li (minor key) - This is My Beloved by H. Vance
Dodi Li (in D) - This is My Beloved by H. Vance
Dreidel (Four-sided spinning top)
Du Meydele, Du Fayns - You Pretty Little Girl
Eshet Chayil - Woman of Valor
A Fidler - A Fiddler
Hatikva - Hope (Hatikvah)
Hava Nagila - Let us Rejoice (Hebrew Folk Song)
Have a New Gila - Have a New Melody for Hava Nagila
Hine Ma Tov - Behold, Life is Good (can be sung as a round)
Los Bilbilicos - The Nightingales (old Spanish and Hebrew)
Ma-oz Tsur - Rock of Ages
Mazel Tov (Chosen Kalah) - Good Luck (to the bride and groom)
Nigun - Tune (without words to induce a prayerful state)
Ocho Kandelikas - Eight Candles
Od Yishoma - Still Will Be Heard (Traditional wedding music)
Oyfn Pripetshok - On the Hearth
Roshenkis mit Mandlen - Raisins and Almonds (in Winds of War movie)
Rushishe Sher - Russian Scissor Dance
Shalom, Chaverim - Dear friends go in peace 'til we meet again
Shtil, Di Nacht - Still, the Night (by Vilna poet Hirsh Glik)
Simon Tov (No. 1) - Good Luck! (Simon refers to sign, as in Zodiac)
Simon Tov (No. 2) - Good Luck! (Tov means Luck)
Stompin' at the Synagogue - Klemzer medley
S'vivon (Hebrew word) - Dreidel (Dreydl - Yiddish word for spinning top)
Tum Balalaika - Play Balalaika (3 string Russian folk instrument)
Zog Nit Keynmol - Never Say (Don't give up!) Patriotic

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