Wren Polka
piccolo, piano
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Music from The Gilded Age
From Selected Solos: A Collection of Standard Solos for Flute and Piccolo with Piano Accompaniment Volume 1;
Music for flute and piano from the late 19th Century - an American Collection

#17. The Wren Polka by Eugene Damare for Piccolo and Piano

This collection of music for flute and piano reflects a significant period in American musical life. The term "Gilded Age" refers to the period between the Civil War and the end of the 19th century. It was a time of expansion, migration, social turmoil and cultural assimiliation beneath a genteel veneer. It was also a time of awakening sensibility and a move toward a national culture. The United States of America was busy "recontructing" the South, opening the West, and welcoming vast numbers of immigrants from Europe. You will find traces of this in the music, which includes nostalgic variation sets on popular songs from many of the immigrant's home countries (England, Scotland, Germany and Ireland).

The Cundy-Bettony company of Boston published this collection of flute and piano duets in 1907, compiled from solos originally released a quarter-century before by W.H. Cundy, the founder of the organization. This reissue makes these seldom heard pieces once again available to contemporary flutists.