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Grenadilla handcut EW wood headjoint, Grenadilla body and footjoint, sterling silver keys, french (open hole), inline or offset G, split E mechanism, pointed key arms, white gold springs, handmade, silver tenon rings, B footjoint

Yamaha has spent decades creating flutes for some of the world's greatest musicians, and everything they learned while perfecting those professional models has been incorporated into the design of their intermediate and standard flutes. All Yamaha flutes - down to the most inexpensive models - are meticulously handcrafted by experienced artisans.

Yamaha wood flutes are made from the highest grade of grenadilla wood. They feature the warm, deep and rich sound of traditional wood flutes, but with a modern projection from the latest tone hole and headjoint designs. All wood flutes feature a handcut EC headjoint sculpted out of a single piece of grenadilla. Silver tenon rings help prevent cracking  and reduce the overall weight of the flute. Handcrafted inset tone holes provide for extremely accurate intonation and excellent tonal clarity.

Available by special order only.