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YLF-900 14K Gold Series
Handmade, handcut 14K rose gold A cut headjoint, 14K rose gold body and footjoint, sterling silver rings, posts, keys & ribs, French (open hole), soldered tone holes, pointed key arms, gold springs, Straubinger pads, B footjoint

After 20 years of continuous development, Yamaha has succeeded in creating a new, innovative lineup of Handmade flutes. Designed in consultation with András Adorján, professor of flute at the Munich University of Music and Performing Arts, the new Yamaha Handmade flute lineup allows performers to play with a wider range of expression and with the freedom to create their own unique tonal colors. 

The Yamaha 900-series flutes are crafted out of 14k gold for a deep yet focused tone that projects well. To help any flutist find the instrument that is ideal for their playing style and musical preferences, a number of different combinations of materials and key options are available.

Yamaha Gold Flutes are also available in 9K and 18K gold as special order only. SOME OPTIONS ARE CONSIDERED SPECIAL ORDER ONLY. Please contact Flute World for more information.

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