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Sterling silver hand finished Am headjoint, silver plated body, footjoint and keys, French (open hole), inline G, pointed key arms, drawn tone holes, stainless steel springs, B footjoint

Handmade warmth and precision made affordable through modern innovation...

This 500 series Professional level flute features a hand finished sterling silver headjoint and traditional in-line G mechanism

Yamaha 500 series Professional level flutes combine the brilliance of a nickel silver body with the characteristic warm colors of a sterling silver headjoint.. The headjoint, body and footjoint are all heat treated with Yamaha’s proprietary acoustic annealing process to provide an impressive evenness of tone and response throughout all registers. The hand-finished sterling silver headjoint is a modified version of the Type A headjoint supplied with Yamaha handmade flutes. The specially designed cut of this headjoint offers incredible response and an impressive dynamic range. The keys feature traditional pointed key arms, reflecting the highest level of craftsmanship and adding visual elegance to these outstanding instruments. The YFL-587H features a traditional in-line G mechanism and is also available with a C# trill key (YFL-587HCT).

Head-finished Headjoint: Based on the Handmade Flute’s Type A design which offers a wider expressive range, the hand-finished headjoint on Yamaha professional flutes additionally offers easier response and excellent balance over the instrument’s entire range.
Acoustic Annealing: The headjoint, body and footjoint of all professional flutes are heat treated through Yamaha's proprietary acoustic annealing process that allows the instrument to vibrate more freely, providing optimal response and beautiful resonance.
Ergonic Key Design: The keys are hand-assembled and meticulously balanced for a perfect touch, and the key shapes have been so exquisitely designed and ergonomically placed that the flute will almost ‘disappear’ in your hands. Performances will feel effortless and natural.
Pointed Key Arms: A#, F# and other non-fingered keys feature pointed key arms, similar to those found on Handmade Flutes. Their beautiful designs are inspired by traditional European styling.
Case & Cover: The compact case provides ease of transport and excellent protection from damage. All Yamaha professional flutes come with an elegantly designed case cover.


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