You Are Your Instrument
Hal Leonard
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You Are Your Instrument, 5th edition
The Definitive Musician's Guide to Practice and Performance
Written by Julie Lyonn Lieberman
Foreword by W. Donald Cooke M.D.
Illustration by Reuben Butchart
Published by Hal Leonard

Open up new avenues of expression through a healthy pain-free, fluid approach to music-making
Overcome performance anxiety, general tension, and muscular injury
Increase you learning skills and facilitate more effective motor coordination

The New England Journal of Medicine cites that 50% of all professional musicians suffer from varying levels of muscular injury, while other studies claim that the figures are as high at 75%! If we include musicians who have problems with excessive tension or general aches and pains, we are left with only a handful who know how to play in a fluid, pain-free manner. It's time to take control and learn the mental and physiological secrets previously reserved for athletes and dancers. Here is everything you will need to successfully accomplish just that.