Young Artist Series (v.1) (Easy-Intermediate)
Warner Bros.
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Young Artist Series - Volume 1 - Easy-Intermediate
Master Lessons by Jim Walker
For Flute and Piano with Play-Along CD

Night Winds (Sandra Hahn)
Ballet of the Shepherds (C.W. Gluck)
Andantino (James C. Lewallen)

Flute Part includes: master lessons, exercises and newly-edited solos
CD includes: narrated and performed master lessons and exercises, Flute and Piano full performances, piano accompaniment for play-along

The compositions in this series are designed primarily for the young flutist. However, more advanced high school and college players can benefit greatly from using the master classes and accompaniment tape. Although there may not be many serious technical demands, the pieces need very solid preparation to bring them alive. To help flutists achieve a high level of performance, special attention has been given to:

1. Scales and Technical Studies
2. Breathing
3. Tone
4. Pitch/Intonation
5. Control of Dynamics
6. Phrasing
7. Vibrato
8. Rhythm

The foundation of good playing is based on playing the right notes (with correct fingerings), producing good, in-tune sound, and playing rhythms accurately. These fundamentals are 100% necessary. Once mastered, a flutist can use these fundamentals to express the beauty of music. The goal of the author in this series of collections is to give practical tips to help flutists address both the technical and musical aspects of each composition. Above all, enjoy music and HAVE FUN playing the flute!