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Shards of Glass

by Gubaidulina, Ives, Melby, Nielsen, Segall
$18.95 $17.06

Sounds of America: Music for Flute & Piano

by Beech, Bernstein, Corigliano, Duke, Edwards, Ives, Kern, Morton, Popp, Porter, Schickele, Still
$18.95 $17.06

Three Songs

by Ives
Grade: 2
$16.00 $14.40

Variations on America

by Ives
Grade: 3
$9.99 $9.00

Wind Band Classics – Redline Tango(w-U.of Kansas Wind Ensmb)

by Ives, Lynch, Mackey, Mower, Pan
$12.95 $11.66

Wind Song – New American Classics for Flute and Piano

by Dorff, Howard, Ives, Kennedy, Manookian
$17.95 $16.16