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Christmas Picante – Latin Jazz Flute and Harp (with Sherry Finzer, Flute)

by Adam, Feliciano, Gruber, Leontovich, Marks, Pierpont, Rogers, Trad.french, Trad.german, Wade
$15.00 $13.50

Hamelin 1284 : On The Trail of The Pied Piper – Medieval Flute Music

by Gen, Trad. Slavic, Trad.baltic, Trad.german, Wizlaw Iii Von R&uuml
$20.95 $15.00

Paradise – Arrangements for Flute & Harp

by Albinoni, Bach-gounod, Bach,js, Debussy, Faure, Marcello, Massenet, Mozart, Ravel, Trad.german
$16.95 $15.25

Trim The Tree-Seasonal Music for Flute and Keyboard (Tracy Dietrich,flute)

by Anderson, Bernard, Handel, Hopkins, Kent-gannon-ram, Kirkpatrick, Meece, Murray, Pola-wyle, Styne-cahn, Trad.english, Trad.french, Trad.german, Willis
$13.95 $12.56