Consignment Sales

Our consignment sales service offers the opportunity to have us sell your used professional-level C flute, Piccolo, Alto Flute, Bass Flute or Headjoint.

If you have a flute that you’re interested in selling, we want to know about it. Email us regarding the make, model, age, and general condition of the instrument, as well as a description of the features (B foot, open hole, inline/offset G, etc). We are most interested in Open-hole, B foot, Offset-G flutes as well as certain piccolos and headjoints. If we are able to take your flute on consignment, we will ask you to send it to us for inspection and evaluation. Please only send your instrument if we have requested it.

Sell your flute to Flute World!

Due to custom issues with other countries, we are only able to accept consignments from customers in the United States at this time.