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3/4 Blues

by Holcombe
Grade: 2
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A Night in Greenwich

by Mower
Grade: 4
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Adagio in Eb (S.1017)

by Bach,js
Grade: 2
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Afternoon of a Flute

by Holcombe
Grade: 2
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by Cohen, J
Grade: 2
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Allegro Assai

by Bach,js
Grade: 3
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Allegro non troppo

by Pleyel
Grade: 2
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Alone In The Rain

by Tung
Grade: 2
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Alt Basalt

by Gunn
Grade: 3
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Alto and Bass Flute Solos (Book 1- easy to intermediate)

Grade: -

Piano Accompaniment for the Alto Flute

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Alto Flute Method

by Potter
Grade: 2-3
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Alto Flute Practice Book

by Wye
Grade: 3
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When one thinks about the flute, most people probably have the concert flute or the C flute in mind, the most widely known type in the flute family and considered ideal for beginners. It is usually made of metal, has a range of three octaves (C4-C7), and creates a great sound for solos but blends well with other band instruments.

What most people don’t know is that there are several different types of flutes, each with its distinct sounds, such as the alto flute and bass flute.

The alto flute is significantly longer and thicker than the C flute and has a range of G3-G6, a fourth lower than the C flute. It is known for its distinct mellow and rich sound rarely used in flute ensembles but occasionally played in wind ensembles and orchestras.

The bass flute is a fairly large flute that can be as long as 60 inches, making it a little harder to play than its shorter counterparts. It comes with a range of C3-C6 and is pitched an octave lower than the C flute.

Flute World carries a wide variety of styles, makes, and models of quality flutes, including concert, alto, and bass flutes. Search for top brands like Yamaha, Pearl, Miyazawa, Gemeinhardt, Altus, Jupiter, and more.

If you’re a flute player keen on expanding your playing skills, exploring other types can be a great way to do it. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or require recommendations.