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Baby Elephant Walk for Flute Quartet

by Mancini, Henry
Grade: 3-
$34.95 $31.45

Godfather 1 – Love Theme for Flute Quartet

by Rota
Grade: 2
$34.95 $31.45

Good Vibrations for Flute Quartet

by Wilson, Brian
Grade: 2
$34.95 $31.45

Hallelujah for Flute Quartet (different flutes and optional drum)

by Cohen, Leonard
Grade: 2-2+
$34.95 $31.45

Hallelujah for Flute Quartet (four equal flute and optional drum)

by Cohen, Leonard
Grade: 2-2+
$34.95 $31.45

Hawaii Five-O for Flute Quartet

by Stevens, Morton
Grade: 3-
$34.95 $31.45

The Crown of Roses for Flute Quartet

by Tchaikovsky
Grade: 2
$22.95 $20.65

Viva la Vida for Flute Quartet

by Coldplay
Grade: 2-2+
$34.95 $31.45


by Coffill
Grade: 2
$23.55 $21.20

A Book of Rounds

by Warren
Grade: 2
$21.95 $19.75

A Journey for Two Flutes – Flute Duets for All Ages (score form)

by Renzi
Grade: 1-2
$17.00 $15.30

A la Sonnerie – Three Duet Waltzes for Two Flutes (Score Only)

by Beddig
Grade: 2
$12.75 $11.47

A Riverside Suite

by Dale
Grade: 2+
$23.95 $21.55

A Salute to Quantz

by Grimm
Grade: 3
$12.50 $11.25

A Small World (Fire,Earth,Water,Air) (score form)

by Schickele
Grade: 3
$10.00 $9.00

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