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Fragments of a Dream

by Wickens
Grade: 3
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T.V. Theme

by Denwood
Grade: 2+
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A Fisherman's Tale

by Meeboer
Grade: 1+
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A Poet to His Beloved

by Liebermann
Grade: 4

score and parts

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A Simple Process (parts and piano score)

by Gottry
Grade: 3

piano part is also score

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Abide With Me

by Monk
Grade: 2
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Adagio & Rondo in c K617

by Mozart
Grade: 3
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Adagio and Allegro (parts and score)

by Fritchie
Grade: 2

harp part is playable on piano

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Adagio from Spartacus

by Khachaturian
Grade: 3

parts and harp score (harp part is also the score)

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by Amaya
Grade: 4

Aguaclara composed in 2002 by Efrain Amaya for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, french horn, and cello
Score and parts. Duration about 6:30.
It was inspired by a youthful memory of a sunny beach, the woodwinds and cello combining in a fresh sonority evocative of the clear ocean waters and colorful coral reefs of Venezuela.

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Air from Suite #3 in D (BWV1068) (On the G String)

by Bach,js
Grade: 2

Part 1: flute, or oboe, or clarinet Part 2: flute, or oboe, or clarinet Part 3: clarinet or alto sax
Part 4: alto sax, or tenor sax, or horn in F Part 5: bass clarinet, or bassoon, or baritone sax

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Allegro from Cello Sonata

by Marcello
Grade: 2-2+
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by Tower
Grade: 4
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Ancient Airs and Dances-Suite 1 Balletto

by Respighi
Grade: 2

Ottorino Respighi (1879 – 1936) parts and score duration 2:20 composed in 1917
Balletto detto “Il Conte Orlando” is the first movement of Suite 1
Part 1. flute,(or oboe or clarinet) Part 2. flute (or oboe or clarinet) Part 3. clarinet (or alto sax or F horn)
Part 4. clarinet (or alto sax or tenor sax) Part 5. bass clarinet (or bassoon, or baritone sax)

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