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Suite in a Minor TWV55:a2

by Telemann
Grade: 3
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Sussex Carol, The

by Girtmon
Grade: 2
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Symphony #8-1st Movement

by Boyce
Grade: 3
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t(n) (“tau of n”)

by Knox
Grade: 3

composed for and dedicated to THAMYRIS contemporary music ensemble
parts and piano score (piano part is also the score)
Charles Knox (b. 1929)

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Tafelmusik I Quartet in G Major

by Telemann
Grade: 2

Georg Philipp Telemann parts and piano score
flute, oboe, violin, cello, continuo (piano)

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by Magalif
Grade: 3

score and parts

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Tennessee Concerto

by Zucker
Grade: 3

Laurel Zucker (b. 1955) score and parts
flute, string orchestra (or flute, two violins, viola, cello, string bass)
3 movements: 1. BBQ Land 2.Dogwoods in Spring 3. Contradictions of Tennessee

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Teta: A World I Loved

by Fairouz
Grade: 3
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Texas Intermezzo

by Chaggar
Grade: 2
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Their Mouths Struck Dumb (for all the fallen)

by Arnest
Grade: 3

Their Mouths Struck Dumb (for all the fallen) composed by Richard Arnest, c.2007
parts and score for flute (with alto flute), clarinet (with bass clarinet), chimes (or vibraphone), piano, violin, cello
The composer has provided specific performance notes for this reflective, quietly ominous, homage to lives lost.

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Theme and Variations

by Amos
Grade: 2

Theme and Variations for Double Wind Quintet, composed by Keith Amos, c.1980; parts and score
The composer describes this as “a neo-classical theme and six variations displaying all the colors, beautiful solos, gusto, and lyricism of this medium”.

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This Little Light

by Schocker
Grade: 3

Gary Schocker parts and score
piccolo ( or flute), 2 violins, viola, cello

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