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Composer Cards

An exciting and innovative resource to help students become familiar with the great composers. These are real playing cards divided into four suits, each representing a different compositional era of music: Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic. Each suit contains 13 composer cards with the composer’s likeness, nationality, birth and death dates, brief facts about his or her musical life, and important compositions. Four jokers are included as well, each containing a brief outline of the corresponding musical style period. The cards can be used to play Crazy 8s, Gin Rummy, Matching, Go Fish—virtually any card game using a 52-card deck!

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Mozart! The Card Game

Measures of family fun… and a clever way to learn about music, too!

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Musical Card Game – Musical Happy Families

The traditional game with a musical twist! 3 to 6 players, age 7 and up.
Collect as many instrument groups of four as you can to win the game!

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