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Lillian Burkart has an international reputation for headjoints that spans decades. Her devotion to her loyal clientele has converted many Burkart headjoint players into Burkart flute players. By listening to the needs of flutists, Burkart has developed an awareness of changes in players’ sensibilities regarding sound production and response. This awareness drives the design of the headjoint. The Burkart design allows for flexibility in embouchure cut, enabling our headjoint maker to meet the varying demands and tastes of all players.

Whether your need is for a powerful, rich headjoint with projection in the orchestral environment, or a sweet and intimate sound for chamber music, the appropriate headjoint is made at Burkart. A wide selection of metals and geometries allows us to offer the player a palate of timbral colors. These include silver, gold and platinum tubes and multiple choices of riser and lip plate material.