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BG Pad Dryer

Pad Cleaner/Pad Dryer strips are made from the super absorbant BG fabric, and replace cleaning paper. Each strip lasts over one year, is very absorbant, leaves no residue, and is washable.

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Copper Headjoint Fitting Strips

Finally a reliable, reversible solution for temporary and long term headjoint fitting! Our new copper headjoint strips are used for fitting headjoints to flutes whenever the headjoint is too small to fit securely. The peel-and-stick adhesive backing makes application simple. Three 1.5″ x 4″ strips.

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Gemeinhardt Flute Maintenance Kit

Includes silk body swab, hook headjoint swab, duster brush, key oil, silver polish mitt, body swab patches

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Hagerty Silver Protection Strips

Keep your silver flute shining!

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Multi-tool FIXIT tool

Multi-tool tightens screws, reset spring wires, and attaches to your case. Available in small (2 1/2 inches long) and large (3 1/2 inches long – for alto and bass flutes). Please note that most adjustments on your flute should be done by a certified repair technician.

OCB Cigarette Papers

Cigarette papers are thin and absorbant, and are used remove moisture, oil and dust from pads. These papers are handy for players and technicians alike. 150 sheets per pack.

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Pad Juice 1 oz. w/Applicator Strips

Pad Juice is powerful stuff and absolutely essential for woodwind musicians who want to get the highest level of play and longest life from their pads. Pad Juice is a silicone free, preservative free, cleaning solution that eliminates stickiness and the noise that goes along with it. Use it to quickly, thoroughly and safely clean either skin or leather pads. It even removes the dark rings left by silver tone holes and restores the natural flexibility and color. Ask any professional repair tech and they’ll tell you they use it all the time. A tiny bit goes a long way so use it sparingly. Get a bottle for your kit and see what a huge difference it makes to the feel of your pads.

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Screwdriver Kit

Six piece screwdriver & awl set with steel handle. (Most adjustments on your flute should be done by a certified repair technician.)

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Valentino Emergency Flute Repair Kit

The Emergency Flute Kit contains assorted pads, key silencers, and tools to handle many minor on-the-spot flute repair situations.

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Valentino Flute Fix Kit

Everything you need to get started servicing flutes has been assembled for you in our new Flute Fix Kit.

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Yamaha Flute Maintenance Kit

Contains tone hole cleaner, silver polish cloth, pad cleaning paper, cleaning gauze and cotton polishing cloth.

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Yamaha Pad Cleaning Paper

Powder free papers remove moisture, oil and dust from pads. Helps provide better key response by cleaning sticky pads. 70 sheets per pack.

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Yamaha Powdered Pad Cleaning Paper

Lightly powdered papers help provide better key response by cleaning sticky pads.Removes moisture, oil and dust from pads. 50 sheets per pack.

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