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Cork Grease – Round

Cork Grease, for lubricating tenon cork on woodwind instruments. Round container, 2g.

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Cork Grease – Tube

Cork Grease, for lubricating tenon cork on woodwind instruments. Tube, 2 1/2"

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Super Slick Key & Rotor Oil Pin Oiler

Super Slick Key/Rotor Oil with pin oiler. This 1/2 ounce bottle comes with a built in applicator so that it is easy to get a drop of the oil exactly where it is needed.

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Superslick Key & Rotor Oil

Superslick Key Oil, 1.25 oz. w/dropper tip, spout cap.

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Valentino #18 Bore Oil

All natural bore oil for wood flutes, piccolos, and head joints. 1/2 oz. bottle.

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Valentino #21 Medium Key Oil – 3/4 Oz Needle Oiler

Our #21 synthetic-based key oil is perfect for smaller instruments or those with tight clearances.

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Valentino #23 Heavy Key Oil – 3/4 Oz. Needle Oiler

Our #23 synthetic-based key oil is great for saxophone or other larger instruments.

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Valentino Cork Grease

Stick container of Valentino cork grease.

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Yamaha Bore Oil

1/4 oz. woodwind bore oil in plastic bottle.

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Yamaha Light Key Oil

Yamaha Light Key Oil, 20 ml. High quality oil comes in a small leak-proof plastic container for easy application. 100% synthetic Chemosythesis Oil. Maintains a smooth action for long periods of time. Dedicated for use with flutes, piccolos and oboes.

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