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A flute stand is essential to secure your musical instrument when it is not in use. At Flute World, we carry a carefully selected collection of quality flute stands for all flute players. Choose from our selected trusted manufacturers such as Blayman, K&M, Hercules, and more.

Flute stands are typically made up of three extended feet that support a long central pole. To keep the flute in the upright position, the flute stand must be strong enough to support the weight of your flute. It should also be long enough to add balance to the instrument’s weight. For the best protection, you can never go wrong with a flute stand with metal legs that are more than half the height of the central support pole.

If you are a musician who plays several woodwind instruments, a flute stand with multiple pegs is perfect for you. This stand usually has three additional peg places that can hold piccolos, clarinets, alto flutes, and soprano saxophones. It also comes in large and small pegs that let you choose the right size for the instrument. If you travel a lot, a collapsible flute stand that can be easily stored in an instrument case can come in handy.

Need help in selecting a flute stand? Feel free to reach out to us. Our reliable staff members are always ready to share their expert advice with all flute players.